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  • Welcome Message
    The aim of the Joint Retreat is to encourage scientific communication and discussion between researchers in life science belonging to different institutes at RIKEN. All, both young and senior researchers, are welcome to participate and to present their own studies. We have Oral presentations, Poster sessions, Poster short talks, Young investigator's talks (selected from posters), and a Social gathering. Guest speakers from outside of RIKEN have been invited, however, the coming together of scientific minds and interaction of all of the participants is the pinnacle of our RIKEN Joint Retreat.
    Organizing Committee


    Date: January 29(Thu), 30(Fri), 2015
    Venue: YAMAHA Resort Tsumagoi, SMC (Sportsman's Club, Convention Hall)
    2000, Tamari, Kakegawa, Shizuoka 436-0011, Japan
    Tel: 0537-24-1111 / Fax: 0537-62-0344
    Organizing Committee: Atsushi Mochizuki(ILs), Shinichi Nakagawa(ILs)
    Yoshihiro Yoshihara(BSI),Takeshi Imai(CDB)
    Carina Hanashima(CDB), Kensaku Sakamoto(CLST)
    Mariko Okada(IMS), Tomonobu Watanabe(QBiC)
    Participants: PIs, research specialists, staff scientists, research scientists and young researchers who are willing to have scientific exchange and seek the possibility of collaboration among RIKEN centers.
    Participants are encouraged to attend the full 2-day program.
    Registration: Participants must make advance registration online. Click the registration button at the bottom of this page to register.
    Participation fee: Management and higher rank employees: 17,000 JPY
    Other: 15,000 JPY
    *Participation fees include accommodation, breakfast, banquet and lunch (only 2nd day).
    *Expense for accommodation, meals and travelling will be covered by each lab budget. Please follow the business trip procedures of your centers.
    *The fee will be collected at the venue on the event day.
    Language: English
    Accommodation: We ask all participants to share a room with randomly allocated members. If you have any special requests for particular roommate(s), please consult the committee at the time of registration.


  • Program

    <Guest speakers>
    Prof. Toshiyuki Nakagaki (Hokkaido University)
    Prof. Ryo Kobayashi (Hiroshima University)

    <Oral presentation speakers>
    Tatsuya Hirano (ILs)
    Shinichi Nakagawa (ILs)
    Takaomi C. Saido(BSI)
    Tomomi Shimogori (BSI)
    Miki Ebisuya (QBiC)
    Hidehiko Inomata (CDB)
    Takeshi Matsui (IMS)
    Kam Y. J. Zhang (CLST)
    Yo Tanaka (QBiC)

  • Poster program (pdf)

  • Top

    Registration has been CLOSED. Thank you for your registration.

    Poster Registration

    Call for Presentations (PDF)

    Call for presentations!

    Participants are encouraged to submit Poster abstracts at the registration site.
    All of the Poster presenters can give Poster short talks (2min) by choosing the option.

    A small number of Poster presentations will be selected as Young investigator's talks by the evaluations of the organizing committee.

    If you wish to give a presentaion at the joint retreat (either oral or poster), please submit an abstract following the format stated below at the time of registration.

    Abstract Format
    Format: Standard word processing format
    (.txt, rtf, Simple text, Word Perfect)
    Language: English
    Font: 12 size Times New Roman
    Length: An abstract of up to 200 words, the title and author information must also be included.
    Presenter: Please include the presenting author's name in the upper right hand corner of the document file
    Title: Initial Capital Letters
    (i.e., capitalize the first letter of each significant word)
    (e.g., RIKEN Joint Retreat)
    Author(s) and author affiliations: Author's names should be written in full and the presenting author's name should be underlined. Please add the country name after the affiliation name. When you have co-author(s), please follow the example below:

    Hanako Kobe 1), Ichiro Yamada 1) 2), Hideki Matsuo 1) 2), Barack Obama 2)
    1) Laboratory for Development, RIKEN, Japan, 2) Division of Developmental Biology, USA University, USA
    Figures and photograph: Not allowed
    Note: Accepted abstracts will be published in the meeting abstract (on the Web), copies of which will be provided to all participants and the text will be reformed to fit the design of the abstract book.


    Presention details
  • Oral Presentation:
    A screen, an LCD projector and laser pointer will be provided in the room. Be sure to bring any peripherals or adaptors needed to connect your computer to the projector and/or save your presentation on USB flash drive. Check the connection at the operator desk near the podium before each session of your presentation.

  • Poster Presentation:
    The size of the poster board is 90 cm (Width) X 210 cm (Height). A 20 cm X 20 cm space in the upper left corner should be left blank for numbering the panel. The poster number will be provided by the organizing office.

    Posting: January 29, 11:30-13:00
    Removal: January 30, 14:30-16:30

    Poster Session I: January 29, 17:30-19:30
    Poster Session II: January 30, 13:00-14:30

    Poster session room will be open until 23:30 on January 29 for free discussion.

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    General Information for all participants
    Participants can register from 11:30 to 13:00 on January 29. The registration desk will be located in front of the Conventional Hall on the 1st floor of the SMC (Sportsman's Club) at YAMAHA Resort Tsumagoi.
    All participants are requested to sign in, pay the registration fee and pick up their name card.

    Registraion Fee
    Registration fee will be collected on the event day. Please prepare cash. Participation fees include accommodation, breakfast, banquet and lunch (only 2nd day).

  • Management and higher rank employees (Kanri-shoku): 17,000 JPY
  • Other: 15,000 JPY

    Expense for accommodation, meals and travelling will be covered by each lab budget. Please follow the business trip procedures of your centers.

  • Wireless LAN
    Free wireless LAN is available in the conference center and in the lobby of the Hotel North Wing. If you wish to use an internet in your hotel room, please inform the front desk for details.


    Room assignments will be informed shortly.

  • Check in:
    Only 1 room key is available per room.

    A group leader is assigned per each room. The leader must pick up the room key at the registration desk at 19:30 after the poster session on January 29 and open the room.

    All participants should drop off your bags and meet your room mates at 19:30 to 19:45.

  • Check out:
    Check out the room by 11:00 on January 30. Keys should be returned directly to the front desk on the 1st floor of SMC (Sportsman's Club). Payment of the hotel room is NOT required. However, the cost of personal expenses such as use of phones, must be paid for separately at the time of check out by the individuals.

  • Amenities:
    Every guest room has its own bath and toilet and comes complete with various amenities, including bath towels, face towels, yukata robes, tooth brush (tooth paste), shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer among other things.

  • Meals
  • Lunch (Jan. 29): Participants must arrange their own lunch on January 29. There is a restaurant within the venue.
  • Banquet (Jan. 29): Banquet starts at 19:45 at Convention Hall of SMC (Sportsman Club).
  • Breakfast (Jan. 30): Breakfast starts from 7:30 to 9:00 at "BUFFET TERRACE" on the B1 floor of SMC (Sportsman Club).
  • Lunch (Jan. 30): Lunch starts at 11:55 at "SAKURA" on the B1 floor of SMC (Sportsman Club).

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  • To Kakegawa Station:
    JR Kakegawa station is the nearest station to the venue. Please take a shinkansen to JR Kakegawa.

  • Tokyo <-> Kakegawa: Approximately 2 hours by shinkansen
  • Shin-Yokohama <-> Kakegawa: Approximately 1.5 hours by shinkansen
  • Shin-Kobe <-> Kakegawa: Approximately 2 hours by shinkansen

  • Shinkansen timetable:

  • From Kakegawa Station to Tsumagoi (SOUTH EXIT):
    Free shuttle bus (28 seater) is specially arranged for Joint Retreat participants. Please meet at SOUTH EXIT of Kakegawa Station. It is approximately 15 minutes ride.

  • From Tsumagoi to Kakegawa Station:
    Free shuttle bus is arranged from the venue to Kakegawa station after the program. Each time 2 buses will be provided.

  • Free shuttle bus time table:

    January 29
    To YAMAHA Resort Tsumagoi
    January 30
    To JR Kakegawa station
    Train arrival: 11:00 from Hakata/11:12 from Tokyo Train departure: 17:00 to Tokyo / 17:12 to Nagoya


    Train arrival: 11:32 from Hakata/11:48 from Tokyo Train departure: 17:32 to Tokyo / 17:48 to ShinOsaka


    Train arrival: 12:00 from Hakata/12:12 from Tokyo) Train departure: 18:00 to Tokyo / 18:12 to Nagoya


    Train arrival 12:32 from Hakata/12:48 from Tokyo -

    Note: If you miss the bus, please take a taxi at your own expense. Make sure to enter through the NORTH GATE as it is closer to SMC (Sportsmanship Club). If you need a taxi at Tsumagoi, please inform the front desk.

  • Map:

  • JR Kakegawa Station bus stop

  • To YAMAHA Resort Tsumagoi

  • Tsumagoi play map

    Click to enlarge

  • Main hall

    Click to enlarge

  • Hotel

    Click to enlarge

  • Top

    Download poster


    Kazushige Fukushima, Sasaki lidia Kazue, Kazuko Hamada(ILs) ext. 91-2858/2864/2865
    Yoko Toyama, Asumi Ito (CDB)
    Kiyomi Ohno (BSI)
    Yosuke Nakayama (IMS)
    Takuo Kuroyanagi (CLST)
    Motofumi Tanaka(QBiC)


    (C) RIKEN